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Zinc and Cadmium Electroplating in Calgary from Wespen Industries

Wespen Industries, established in 1972, is a family-owned Canadian business dedicated to meeting your exact metal finishing requirements. With more than 40 years of experience, Wespen Industries is your trusted source for zinc and cadmium electroplating in Calgary. From zinc dichromate plating and pickling of carbon steel tanks to passivation of stainless steel components, we have you covered. Our zinc tank and pickling tanks are 24’ long and can accommodate a wide range of materials. We provide:

Zinc and cadmium electroplating

Zinc dichromate plating

Pickling of carbon steel hydraulic tanks, vessels and spooling

Chemical passivation of stainless steel tanks, components, spooling, vaporizers, and burner bundles

Paint stripping and rust removal from metal components (cars, tanks, auto fasteners, etc.)

Metal finishing in accordance with ASTM standards

Manufacturing and sales of manhole steps

Zinc Electroplating: Increase Corrosion Resistance in Metals 

Zinc plating is mostly used in the automotive industry. One of the main reasons why zinc electroplating is preferred is because of its compatibility with any type of metal. Zinc also can produce a range of colours – right from its original silvery-gray finish to blue, yellow, and black. In addition to providing corrosion resistance and exceptional adhesion, zinc plating also gives a smooth finish to metal components.

Cadmium Electroplating

Get enhanced corrosion protection for base metals through our cadmium plating.

Cadmium Plating: Extend the Life of Your Metal Components

Like zinc coating, cadmium electroplating provides a protective coating to the substrate metal to keep it from corrosion. Iron, steel, brass, and copper metal components often undergo the cadmium electroplating metal finishing process. Cadmium plating is mostly used in the aerospace industry and offers benefits such as low electrical resistance, better soldering and lubrication, and resistance to bacteria and mold, to name a few. 

Wespen Industries’ electroplating services typically takes 2-3 days. All our services are completed in accordance with industry standards. Our clients include many known industry leaders across the world.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our electroplating services.

Please note: We do not offer hot dip galvanizing services.

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